Fake, they call me!

Fake,they call me.
What have u done,
dare to come and see,
faking wen im crying,
faking wen im dying,
A big applause for the coward ,
who cannot come dare meet,
wen i move around hating u,
i feel a coward all by myself,
you cannot hear my screams u deaf,
you see im cryin u blind,
you cant pick up the mess u left,
left me lost, come repay and find,
cause they say ‘im faking’ but i see,
you have ears u hear me,
u have eyes u see me,
but u dnt come u coward,
u say ic ant b myself ,
PLEASE but i know,
who’s acting n who’s real,
and faking might b your need,
FAKE , they call me