What was that?

What was dat?
Someday u walk in n things suddenly change,
im smiling u’re staring, things highly strange,
then you come in saying i love you everyday,
i confess i do too,
n then all d time we are so glued,
Love is wat u say it is,
we’re losing our minds,
we do reckless things all day we’re so in crime.
We’re seen beside each other evry moment n so in love,
and then we say we can die for each other.

Then someday u walk in and things suddenly change,
im crying you’re not caring thngs highly strange,
u come in n u dont utter a word, we’re acting like we r strangers now, its so wierd.
Heartbreak is wat i say it is we’re losing our minds,
i do reckless thngs all day , ims o in suicide.
We avoid each other evry moment i cry.
N i know im dying for you n u say for u who gonna die?
I hate wen someone u know becomes someone u knew
and thenyou keep asking,
What was that?