I Was Just Loving, JUST LOVING?

The whispers r turning softer,
the words r fading,
the essence is lighter,
my heart is aching.
The dragger is deeper ,
the pain is seeping,
the lonliness is heavier,
tears are drying.
Life has dusted all its colours,
i feel so empty
cant stop cutting,cant help anything,
I Was Just Loving, JUST LOVING?
Roses in the vase are dying,
all i do is crying,
grave seems a better place,
somewhere i wont be botheres being pale,
im not at all adjusting,
this the reward of trusting,
cant help thinking of you all day,
hoping someday you will be coming,
I Was Just Loving, JUST LOVING?
All the colours seems grey all the gliteer hay,
you can love some1else, absoultely you may,
but its just gonna add in the pain,
Oh! Love what do you gain?
My half indeed has left i know im aloner,
my love is nvr gonna reside in any1 again,
its so dead nothing can bring it life.
Cant help being dead, cant handle this mess,
cnt help being sad its so bad ,
never knew this could happen,
I Was Just Just Loving , JUST LOVING?