Love Forever Dismissed!

Love,’do u know wat it is ‘?
I said ‘no’ u said ‘oh’!
Funny i never knew, but u introduced me,
wen i look in d mirror,
makes me wanna say ‘see’.

All warned me ,while i loved u,
by now i know fairy tales arent true,
with u my smiles wudn’t end,

no one cud teach me,but,
u taught me how futures r planned,

im mad cause u nvr told me,
u’ll marry me,
but i seem to take it too seriously,

i shudn’t look for u,
cause u’re not a soldier who fleed,

happy endings seem like joke,
so also ur love toast,

the world works on petty rules,
‘move on’ r the latest muse,
now i know what love is n for me that’s
Forever Dismissed!