Just A Word!(Thank you everybody!)

Just a word ,
it makes a lot of difference , i owe a lot to people who said just a word , dat made what i am today, i might not be the best writer, not a good a poet but just a word just a like , made feel i am something, i am heard, i am noticed, i voice people’s heart , i am related to the so respectable word writer , out there people who liked my post thank you , everytime you did that u made my day, encouraged me, i was hesitant when i was first writing i wondered what if somebody stole my words my feel, but now when see so my wonderful people writing so many amazing articles, poem just to make a difference, just to spread a smile, to share and without the fear of being stolen of their feelings, i feel how stupid i was to b ehinking what i was thinking tomorrow!
everybody thank you for the support and encouragement , or of that Just A Word!