Fairy tale.

Once i fell into a very romantic fairy tale,
as the princess itself,
like a damsel in distress,
calling out for help.
A very charming young prince,
on a white horse,
appeared saving me with all his due force,

we fell in love that was deep as the sea,
a core emrald ring in my hand ,
with my love to be,
my prince had eyes so like love,
the more i helped myself ,
i felled into it.
The castle of my love,
the green meadows we’ve been too,
the love we had shined,
shoved over their head,
my prince turned to me n said ,
‘madamousine its an end’

i fell into real world again all harsh and grey,
i turned into a girl again,
who doesn’t have love to pay…..


5 thoughts on “Fairy tale.

  1. Chandan Mishra says:

    Nice… 🙂

  2. Great writing!
    By the way, you wanted more poetry from me, so here you go, the very first poem I wrote: http://bulletinamaelstrom.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/145/

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