Marriage:no guarantee

Am helpless , ineed to believe, im losing faith n i want to restore it , but i can’t. Im losing faith in love. Damn i hate it i see my mom and dad, my uncles and aunt, and if even that wasn’t enough my cousin’s even after 4to5 yrs after their it seems more like compromise with life to adjustment to a non love life.
I wonder does this marriage means end of love. Time runs and love fades is the strata of marriage.i don’t know! I just want this not to be true..i wish it wasn’t but i see the evidence everyday in front of my own eyes.
And yes i hate this feeling. Ihate the idea of marriage now cause now it sounds monotonous and absurd to me. But like every girl the heart,the love thing,the fairy tale, the happy ending i had just gets tored apart, gives a sting to my heart.
My sombre countenance doesn’t express love now.
I wonder wud it b like this forever? Or this thinking wud never be changed? Will this thinking will never let me love again?
I don’t know but for now i leave this queation to all the Married people out there ‘Are You Setting A Good Example Of A Married life?’ for people like me who are wondering marriage means end of love after few years….

No doubt its a security of a relationship,
but this security doesn’t come with guarantee these days!.