this abeautiful poem drenched with deep feelings of pain thats all i love….

Poetic Amend

Its been 2 days of nights,
I remember almost everything, those fights,
I Slapped u in your face, baby you were right,
Damn it, I was wrong Evrytime,
But You loved me inspite,
I hated you, always, but you never cried,
Baby to Love you, is what i always tried,
I am gonna die now, When My Memories collide,
I missed my train to hell yesterday,
But Am gonna catch the next flight,
But wait, i just realized,
My feelings are already dead, they died,
They died when i disrespected you,
When my truths Lied,
Who’s this in the mirror, I cant recognize,
Damn, its me, i look diffrent now, love, you were ryt,
I was never true, i was just too hyped,
So to bring us back togather, its gonna be my fight,

A while Since i Saw Your Face,
Touched Your Hairs, Felt Your grace,
Please Come Back…

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