Remembering the day our eyes met….

In the crowd of dark shadows,
i saw those fingers moving,
the sun was so bright,
but that only shadow shook me.

Those were YOUR fingers moving with grace,
those were your hands but on somebody else’s face,
the time stopped for a moment,
the darkness freezed.
I layed numb in the slowmotion,
as my heart pleaded.

You laughed aloud,
and heart stopped.
I wonder how much i’ve missed this off.

Now your hands in her hands,
i feel a heavy hurt,
im so lonely and sad,
and then your so happy and glad,
oh! Love it breaks my heart.

Then u move and you see me,
now my expressions get set free..
You move away.
Then I remember your betray,
and i break into pieces.

I hold my breathe,
Love..i see you, i see you in my eyes,
remebering the day our eyes met……