5 years it was not a joke!

5 years, 5 years it was , not a joke,
baby with your allegations i choke.
You were my beauty, my graceful queen,
your love took me to Places i’ve never been.

My fantasies,my tales, my stories,
would start just with you,
cause u were my life,
for you everything i’d do.

You live next door, easy to stare,
with you everyday was a ‘fair’.
This dreams was so crazy,
i was gasped with no time.
I didnt knew ahead love,
how hard was my climb.

Till your hands were in mine,
i didnt realize the time,
i metioned above wat a crazy dream it was.

Now then your love is false,
wonder how hard i fall,
i cant stand up now i only crawl.

Im a guy i need to be tough,
but your love got me so weak,
got me so rough.

I sneek through through my balcony,
i watch u next door,
rush through the balcony,cross all floors,
a glance of you,explanation i need.
What was that? My dead love plead.

My tears cry for justice,
my soul pricks, my heart dont beat anymore,
oh! Your love has turned me so cold.

Now the time has covered my wounds,
with layers of love n support,
Im now better, i try to push u off.

But your name always turns up,,
i tell everyone im moved on,
i tell evryone im ur so gone.

But REALLY? Im I really above evrything we had?
Yes it still makes me sad ,im still so mad,
but im also very glad….

And i thank all my folks ,
cause without, them miss ditcher this betrayal,
of 5 years wud have turned me into a joke…
Now do you hear me girl…
5 years it was not a joke…..

(this poem is for chandan my fellow friend blogger..it still is incomplete..i cudnt capture the pain it has to go thru editing this is rough still…n still needs work…but i posted it for the restless soul..)