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Funny is all wat i feel now
dumb was wat i was,
stupid oh?so stupid
only i ask myself is How?
It was windy wen i first saw
cudnt make ouy who you were
wasnt windy throughout d time
still cant make out who you r,

baby its so hard to find true love,
it tries out all ur nerves,
happiness n sadness all comes in packages its bitter its sour,
you wear so many faces ,
i wish i could see the Real You
and i wont really move on so true,
there’s this oh! i Love You so much,
n there’s this we dont click,
i dont know wats with this
I Dont Love You anymore ,
it suddenly closes all doors,
n then we act so weird around,
i hate this so much now ,
the only thing i ask myself is

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The new Zygerina. Thank u wordpress.

Hi this is the new. Happy zygerina writing no offense to old me cause it wasn’t her mistKe she was sad . Ok I’ll stop being weird well I’m just happy to see the new changes in my life they r all good and well I’m loving it. Where do I start well I’m just overwhelmed discover my newself on wordpress and thanks to all my readers you’ll all r the most sweetest amazing ppl on earth. Last year was just not ryt since may , school ended and everything ended down in ground.
It wasn’t just fear of losing my friends the time was such I just lost myself , my parents fighting , financial crisis , admission to college it was so much stress , so more problems I cAnt mention but we lost a lot. My relatives death shook my dad then a worker had an accident at the site it was so stressful my dad just coundnt take and. How can I be happy when my dad is so tensed. As that wasn’t enough my mom was admitted and she had to go through operation,it was hard tomes our family was going through so much last few years were hard as hell.
But I’m glad everything was finAlly over and but it left marks I wasn’t into a sort of depression and couldnt heal up I mean just I could not cope with the new college all the work and new surrounding . I acted foolish I felt suicidal, but I still can’t resist myself giving hats off to myself for still smiling around and being strong.

This year through it’s still the begining everything seems so awesome. I always wanted to be heard and then I found wordpress as way to let out, and here I thanks to chandan I’m posting here ifound my new self people are so sweet I get reasons to live and smile more people overseas to it’s just so sweet.
There’s a Good News I just got my results and I got 67% I’m my boards and yes very satisfied and happy and I guess after the hardships in those years and the hardwork I’ve done to study without tutions and without attending lectures I expected I wouldnt see my mom happy with pride this time but it turn out to be that my mom is proud again n I’ve done it again oh 77 in biology I mean I’m overwhelmed I like that part when my mom turns to me and say it’s all her hardwork because the proudness glazes in her eyes n thats the thing I study for. Hmmmmmm I wanna thank some people for the reasons I can’t capture in my say.

Wendell : you make me feel blessed and smiling all the time , you r my inspiration, and you make me feel loved and cared. Ofcourse you are so sweet and talented and very kind hearted.

Somyav : you are an inspiration and you encourage me you are soo talented and thank you for your kindness.
Lovejunkie : the perfect name , the lovely friend who let’s me never lose hope on the beauty of love.

Dakshi : the undying passions she potrays how can she not be an inspiration.

One piece journal : an innocent heart thats very talented.

Greatpoetemf : beauty queen of kind hearts love her.

Chandan : do I need to say he is awesome. He just lifts my day helped me in times I felt drowned my friend I found on wordpress, hes just too good. He pricks out the negativity in me . God bless him with abundant success and love.

Adurnablue : she is awesome so is her work and she makes me smile with her crazy attitude she just soooo good .

My love to all the people and big thank you. God bless.
Apart from them I thank my sister who’s always behind me who an angel from god just to protect I feel so blessed with her. My parents they r the best they love me support me and always r there. Last but definitely not the least I thank god , the reason behind all the things for blessing with such good people And success thank you thank you.

Lonely heart roams here and there!

Lonely heart roam here and there. With a open wind and the fragrance filled
Watches to see who’s come there.
Heavy breeze flows through the hair. And filled the heart with a nosy stare. Lonely heart is not as bad, Because it makes us meet with the nature’s peak. Silent night with the cozy drive. Under the moon shines
Like my mothers eyes.

It’s written by my sister!

Remember, Do you remember?

Remember,do you remember?
Autum days with the warmth of summer,
being cinderella with a glass slipper,
Remember,do u remember?
The walks at the soft sand beach,
the who’s gonna grab the first olives and peach,
The pink gown on our first stage performance,
my red birthday and expression on your countenance,
remember,do u remeber?

Matches at the football flied,
cheering and all the pleads,
the winning , the losing,
the sorrow , the joy.
Remeber,do you remember?

Amongst all the experiences,
once we had there is this,
painful question hides…
Do you remember who am I ?

Black burning tears

Black sky attitude running in sway,
The elegance of the crecent moon there lay,
I sit in front of the silver mirror,
breathing deeply as my legs on fur.

I have a fair to rejoice,
and the deep dark black is my choice,
i slip the black gown on me,
my dark black gushes in glee.
It highlights my eyes….

‘its late hurry up’ they cried,

i slipped in my cindrella shoes,
and my lips shines so bright.

Today is my black for life.
I step out as i turn heads round,

elegantly i breathe glancing my gold skin
i was shining like silver till…..
You appeared….

Wear a black tuxedo, and yes u shined more
you sent shivers to my core
ah! Everybody went as watery my eyes glared,

That is my man with another woman appeared,
Then it all got blurred,

Now my black beauty falled out,
In frontof her white love,
Her white lacy gown and daisies,
Made me soo numb,

And everybody around went awe in amusement,
As there stood a cute couple kissing,
His lips touched hers and I went oh!
I ran in flames with