Can i have you here?

Today my heart beats so fast,
will till tommorrow my breathe last,
my heart breaks into pieces,
as my emptiness chases.

It feels like tommorrow,u holding me there,
whereevr i’d be you look stared,
your love got me soaring above,
you’re not here, so what do i do now?.

After few days it will be 2 years,
and funny now your name belongs to her,
in this 2 years there’s not a day,
ive not missed you.

Finding some ways to tell you,
baby i still love you,
my heart screeches with wounds of betray,
my mind gets filled with ur thoughts as i lay.

Baby im so dead and then u smile,
i want u near and then u’re away by miles,
i just want you near,
a forever end i fear.

The only thing i’d ask you today,


4 thoughts on “Can i have you here?

  1. sunnydelyte21 says:


  2. zygerina says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Awesome… Feeling Lucky That I Could Comment This Time… 🙂

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