I’ll Love You Forever

You smiled baby smiled so much,
after every class whisperes in my ear,
I Love Ya, ya Love Me?
The only thing i did was see…

I saw your love in your propose,
everytime u tried i soaked,
i was falling for you,
and i didnt know why?
I was never so happy,so shy!

You hold my hand and
ur touch had that grace,
youre pleading eyes..
Your beautiful face.

When i confessed you promised
your love wont leave or fade…
When u promised your eyes glazed,
glazed honesty i was so amazed.

Then we were officially couple,
keeping our terms to keep it subtle,
everybody said ‘u guys r so cute’
u bragging off the moment left me mute.

And was so in love with your soul,
your eyes dragged me in,
your love got me so keen.

And your perfect beauty,
your soccer matches,
your silly jokes,
all that shoves…
In my dreams now u get me so choked.

Your love left me so early,
and that so in glee,
baby now im dying,
and im so tried of crying…

Today on our 2 yrs of breakup anniversery,
still thinking of you every moment is compulsory,
as i see the flashes of our so called ending..
I leave all my hurts and hates pending…

Today i just i love you…
Lyk i ever did like ill forever do,
my wounds wont heal…
My hearts is all sealed.

Cause baby its just 2 years a forever is ahead crawling..
My love might get old but wont cease..
Baby cause i loved you truely,
but you broke my heart merely..
But that doesnt leads to an end..
Cause i loved you..
i Love You,
and will love You forever..