When i use to cry..with you!

When i use to cry….
When you use to be aside,
whenever i was crying,
beside u stood trying.

When i ues to cry..
Your face would turn all red,
you would turn sad,
and your eyes blazed with anger,
and all the restlessness in you lured.

When i use to cry it wud leave so anxious,
you use to get so restless,
all those times i felt like,
you would kill the reason behind it,
if there wasnt any u wud compile reason to find it..

Huh u were so caring,
your touch always said that,
your eyes all watery,
and hands slide down my face…

I would feel so lucky,
to have a guy who embrace with so much grace,
who when i would cry…
Would have cry baby face…

I wondered whats there to haste…..

Then so happened that you left..
And th reason behind my tears,
is your one only soul,
baby your angerness when my tears wud roll,
baby now u are the reason i’ve turned so cold.

Now i cry alone,
in some place and corner,
and lonliness embraces..
The pain kills and the surroundings suffocating,
i hate crying cause it makes me feel u’re gone.
Baby it makes me feel i was wrong.

Ah! I need those expressions back,
which made me feel i was cared,
i need that embrace back,
cause that love is what lacks…

Now i feel so funny..
When i cry back alone,
i remember the time …
When i use to cry…
And i use to have you by my side……