Faking is so precise! (in love gamble)

I never demanded anything no flowers, no gifts,
I never called you bad, no dog, no fag.
Baby i wasnt like any other girl out there.
I still wouldnt use all that again,
i have status , i’ve shame
and im not that lame..

Baby u’re smile was more than a gift to me,
i still remember comprises at the tea,
i guess what u call love was gamble,
and my life was at stake,
and all the love and the promises was all fake.

You won the gamble and took everthing ,
it was for you another fling.

Done with your gamble go away now,
im tired of asking myself how?
Never stake your life in love,
just a little advice,
never know whos cheating,
nowadays faking i so PRECISE!


One thought on “Faking is so precise! (in love gamble)

  1. zygerina says:

    oh figured out!

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