Black burning tears

Black sky attitude running in sway,
The elegance of the crecent moon there lay,
I sit in front of the silver mirror,
breathing deeply as my legs on fur.

I have a fair to rejoice,
and the deep dark black is my choice,
i slip the black gown on me,
my dark black gushes in glee.
It highlights my eyes….

‘its late hurry up’ they cried,

i slipped in my cindrella shoes,
and my lips shines so bright.

Today is my black for life.
I step out as i turn heads round,

elegantly i breathe glancing my gold skin
i was shining like silver till…..
You appeared….

Wear a black tuxedo, and yes u shined more
you sent shivers to my core
ah! Everybody went as watery my eyes glared,

That is my man with another woman appeared,
Then it all got blurred,

Now my black beauty falled out,
In frontof her white love,
Her white lacy gown and daisies,
Made me soo numb,

And everybody around went awe in amusement,
As there stood a cute couple kissing,
His lips touched hers and I went oh!
I ran in flames with