If I Could Have…..one more time….

If i could have hold you even for one more second,
i would have won that game,
if i could hug you for that one last time,
i could have stopped you from going.

If i could have spoken those three magical words,
maybe for that one more time,
i could have those return from you,
if i could have kissed you for that one more time,
i would have my love breathing by my side today….

If I Could Have………


Stop the Compromise ! ( to parents )

This is written from my heart to my parents, dedicated to every parent who doesn’t know what their fights have an effect on their children.

Whats wrong with ya’ll?
You’ll no more in love?
Is is a selfless Compromise,
are u inside dying?

You hate each other i guess,
do you have any idea ?
This is my life you are making a mess.

You fight all day,all night,
all those times my teary eyes lose sight,
you insult each other and scream,
and well i , i hear my silent screech.

I die inside, i fall to pieces,
i grit my teeth, rub my feet,
im angry i guess?
Am i wrong that i fret?

You’ll are not physically abusive,
but u know your words leave deeper wounds,,
you’ll are embrassing yourself when u say those words,
and yes you’ll are makings my lil’ brother mad.

First it really use to hurt,
i use to cry in tears of pain,
but Now im immune,
i just have to stuff my earphones,
and sing my tune.

You drag us in your fights
say us to judge,
dad ur saying mum’s wrong,
mum u are saying dont be scared of him be strong.

Im just showing u those yes u left me with,
you say ‘ i hate your This Attitude’,
Mom and Dad it not Attitude ,
its pain and anger mode mute.

I run off, i break things,
i yell at you’ll im even sick.

But i really just want to,
find a way to keep,
you’ll from ruining our lives,

where our home is made of,
peace,and love ,
and only fight dies,
please stop this,
bloody Compromise!

16 june 2012

“You’ll see me” A Timeless love!

In life ahead days will come,
When we will say things we never should,
At those stay on with me ,
And near by aside will you see me.

In days ahead we might not be,
So happy like we are now,
We won’t stay that fresh ,
Though those days will surely come,
For all those times stay on with me,
Nearby, aside will u see me.

For hundred mistakes till then will make,
We’ll still wait to settle the 101th,
And I’ll stay on with you,
And you stay with me.

For all those days when we have nothing,
But just each other to see ,
Make our love so strong,
That love at first sight might happen,
Everyday between you and me!

Though those days will surely,
Come oh love!
When we have no sight,
No normal breath as today,
May no teeth, neither the black wavy hair,
Like today.
Be with me my love,
I’ll have the world with me,
Stay on with me and nearby ,
Aside will u see me……..

15 April 2010,
It’s from the vault,
Sometimes we expect too much…..

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When i use to cry….
When you use to be aside,
whenever i was crying,
beside u stood trying.

When i ues to cry..
Your face would turn all red,
you would turn sad,
and your eyes blazed with anger,
and all the restlessness in you lured.

When i use to cry it wud leave so anxious,
you use to get so restless,
all those times i felt like,
you would kill the reason behind it,
if there wasnt any u wud compile reason to find it..

Huh u were so caring,
your touch always said that,
your eyes all watery,
and hands slide down my face…

I would feel so lucky,
to have a guy who embrace with so much grace,
who when i would cry…
Would have cry baby face…

I wondered whats there to haste…..

Then so happened that you left..
And th reason behind my tears,

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He stays cold as me , he doesn’t laugh,
He doesn’t get away he’s always there,
I always look at him, he looks away,
Is that guilt baby ? Please say?

Then when it turns dawn he keeps on,
Moving restlessly , now its evening ,
He doesn’t keep still.

He looks at me when I’m not seeing,
He’s trying so hard to be normal.
He stays absentminded everywhere,
His beautiful eyes has a look like stare.

He’s feelin’ so fray,
Is that guilt baby please say.

Cause I’ll always be there whenever,
You’ll need me,
Enclosed in your sensation in glee.

Baby it’s ok of you need time ,
I know its high time,
I’ll be fine.

Babe please don’t be guilty,
Cause when I wanna see,
I wanna see you happy,

It’s a request so please……

Your eyes could kill me!

download (2)Long time ago your grace caught up in,
My embracement hold!
Let me tell you the day had the conspiracy ,
Behind every tell.

Your walk with those earthly sound left me deaf,
When you turned around your hands were with,
Empty grace folded up in despair!

With your Eyes like fangs invaded my veins,
My blood turned cold with that gnaw.
That didn’t deter you to rear my soul from wreck.

Your breathe lethal discreet in me,
Your smile like sweetest poison crawl inside my throat,
Your look like hex perished my world.
As I turned into ashes , rode on the wind.

Your indomitable eyes rejoice in victory over my soul!

But inert me applauded in vile,
As elgy elude your betray,
A arcane anew me stood on the wind,
Who walks on the sea,
Who writes with a bling.

All the above might be a bijou word play,
But if you still didn’t knew babe,
Your eyes could kill me!

10 June 2012