There see is standing the liar,
Standing all alone cause he’s got nowhere to go,
All the lies once he said are standing in his way,
For all he said he has to pay,
Though the humble one has set him free,
He still is trapped in the gigantic cage of guilt.

Though his sorry has worked,
Nothing feels the same,
Coming years all will be fine,
The humble one too maybe at his best,
All will be surrounded with happiness,
All will turn around,
Still there you’ll see the liar,
Standing all alone,
Everything has come to an end but,
Still he’s got nowhere to go!…….


4 thoughts on “LIAR

  1. Seb says:

    Slices home like an arrow of truth

  2. Very nicely done Z, sorry it took so long to read it…i was under the weather for a few days!

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