A drop of water slide on my face,
A petal of rose on my lips,
It felt it was you with all your grace.

A familiar fragrance strike me, I flip,
There is an essence of you is in every part of me,
but baby u come frown and flee.

A snowy breeze presses down my cheek,
A tear as cold as you pleads u please?

A satin gown glides on my hand,
It feels so you, you’re in glee.

The silence in my room is so streamy,
But the screams inside can be heard by me,
The essence of you is never gonna fade,
Cause you and only you have the right to be my


7 thoughts on “SOULMATE !

  1. Dakshi says:

    lovely.. love is awesome and painful at the same time…

  2. mlaot says:

    Wow.. Well expressed. Bravo

  3. mlaot says:

    Reblogged this on mlaot..

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