(Actually I’ve written this poem in aggression Im tired of no reason hate, people making hate a trend just makes me angry I really want people to stop the hate, and start from their own self and people just stop the hate!)the only thing a human has right to hate is hate!

Stand up, look around,
Lay your suspision,
Love is selling,
Don’t lay yourself aroused.

Your henious towards the mute,
What do you get,annihilating salute,
They look gormless to you,
But they are gnomic understand.
Abscond from this abominate,
People Please Stop The Hate!

You rapture by ripping esteem,
But they glisten as you do it,
Your hate has no sense,
It’s inimical , injudicious.

I promise if you won’t stop,
you’d create a mirth,
Liesurely sneak inside,
To find a hateful missive,
Written by a hoard of people u hated,
Written by those infuriated.

There amongst the hoard you’ll find,

Hate leaves u pseudo,
It just leaves cries,
Cause what you hate is verdant, elusive ,
Filled with serenity, primeval.
It has mysticism emibibed in cubicles.
Their aura get smiles.

I raise no glass to fate,
There is nothing associated with it,
Don’t hate them for their success ,
Their beauty, their fame,
Pay obeisance instead,


9 thoughts on “STOP THE HATE!

  1. A really passionate poem explaining your true feelings! I like it!

  2. belladonna23 says:

    using anger to express distaste for other’s hatred…. “anger,” “hatred,” something like threats… I understand and I like the effort, but I try to look at people (hateful, I mean) under two lenses- number one, asking questions. Why/what/who are they hating? and two, Could their hate be justified? The hard fact is that you cannot answer those questions. No matter how much you think you know a person (most people do not) you still aren’t them, therefore you can’t understand their hate. All the time I see and detest the fact that some people often go out of their way to be miserable. Whether they are making someone else miserable, making themselves miserable, or even complaining about how much misery wrecks their lives (normally, not as horrible as they make it out) there are some people who WANT to feel miserable, they want others to feel miserable, and by giving in to those notions, THEY WIN.
    What I think… don’t be miserable. It’s pretty simple. If someone makes you miserable- get them out of your life and ignore them. Even if it was different in the past. If something makes you miserable, a bad habit for instance- quit it. If something about yourself makes you miserable- change it, and change it in the right way. You can’t control other people, their actions or their emotions, but you can control yourself.

    • zygerina says:

      I agree with everything u said!
      But the sole aim of my poem was to just pass on the message to people to stop no reason hate, I’m over the hatred!

  3. I agree 100% Hate is a counter-productive, destructive, useless sentiment. It serves no purpose. If one dislikes something or someone, respectfully let go or walk away; or if it’s something u can change, by all means Change it rather than complain about it! “Ain’t no time to Hate” as The Grateful Dead sang. Ain’t no reason to hate either! But, if people must hate, we must use their HATE to MOTIVATE … To rise above their negativity with our positivity!
    Love & Light to you … Lisa 🙂

  4. batmamask says:

    One of my favourite poems you’ve written so far. I admire your choice of words. Lets spread the love around.

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