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When i use to cry….
When you use to be aside,
whenever i was crying,
beside u stood trying.

When i ues to cry..
Your face would turn all red,
you would turn sad,
and your eyes blazed with anger,
and all the restlessness in you lured.

When i use to cry it wud leave so anxious,
you use to get so restless,
all those times i felt like,
you would kill the reason behind it,
if there wasnt any u wud compile reason to find it..

Huh u were so caring,
your touch always said that,
your eyes all watery,
and hands slide down my face…

I would feel so lucky,
to have a guy who embrace with so much grace,
who when i would cry…
Would have cry baby face…

I wondered whats there to haste…..

Then so happened that you left..
And th reason behind my tears,

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  1. beautifully melancholic, capturing passion’s lost!

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