He stays cold as me , he doesn’t laugh,
He doesn’t get away he’s always there,
I always look at him, he looks away,
Is that guilt baby ? Please say?

Then when it turns dawn he keeps on,
Moving restlessly , now its evening ,
He doesn’t keep still.

He looks at me when I’m not seeing,
He’s trying so hard to be normal.
He stays absentminded everywhere,
His beautiful eyes has a look like stare.

He’s feelin’ so fray,
Is that guilt baby please say.

Cause I’ll always be there whenever,
You’ll need me,
Enclosed in your sensation in glee.

Baby it’s ok of you need time ,
I know its high time,
I’ll be fine.

Babe please don’t be guilty,
Cause when I wanna see,
I wanna see you happy,

It’s a request so please……


8 thoughts on “GULITY

  1. soumyav says:

    sweet one dear!

  2. Beautifully heartbreaking, Z, I just followed your post!

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