“You’ll see me” A Timeless love!

In life ahead days will come,
When we will say things we never should,
At those stay on with me ,
And near by aside will you see me.

In days ahead we might not be,
So happy like we are now,
We won’t stay that fresh ,
Though those days will surely come,
For all those times stay on with me,
Nearby, aside will u see me.

For hundred mistakes till then will make,
We’ll still wait to settle the 101th,
And I’ll stay on with you,
And you stay with me.

For all those days when we have nothing,
But just each other to see ,
Make our love so strong,
That love at first sight might happen,
Everyday between you and me!

Though those days will surely,
Come oh love!
When we have no sight,
No normal breath as today,
May no teeth, neither the black wavy hair,
Like today.
Be with me my love,
I’ll have the world with me,
Stay on with me and nearby ,
Aside will u see me……..

15 April 2010,
It’s from the vault,
Sometimes we expect too much…..


8 thoughts on ““You’ll see me” A Timeless love!

  1. Beautiful and so very passionate Z! Thanks for sharing!

  2. now this is what i will say speaking of true, lasting love. loved the sentiment and loved the poem.

  3. this is great wouldn’t mind constructive criticism on mine 🙂

  4. Pawan Hira says:

    Faith and hope in your passionate words of love. Beautifully expressed.

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