Stop the Compromise ! ( to parents )

This is written from my heart to my parents, dedicated to every parent who doesn’t know what their fights have an effect on their children.

Whats wrong with ya’ll?
You’ll no more in love?
Is is a selfless Compromise,
are u inside dying?

You hate each other i guess,
do you have any idea ?
This is my life you are making a mess.

You fight all day,all night,
all those times my teary eyes lose sight,
you insult each other and scream,
and well i , i hear my silent screech.

I die inside, i fall to pieces,
i grit my teeth, rub my feet,
im angry i guess?
Am i wrong that i fret?

You’ll are not physically abusive,
but u know your words leave deeper wounds,,
you’ll are embrassing yourself when u say those words,
and yes you’ll are makings my lil’ brother mad.

First it really use to hurt,
i use to cry in tears of pain,
but Now im immune,
i just have to stuff my earphones,
and sing my tune.

You drag us in your fights
say us to judge,
dad ur saying mum’s wrong,
mum u are saying dont be scared of him be strong.

Im just showing u those yes u left me with,
you say ‘ i hate your This Attitude’,
Mom and Dad it not Attitude ,
its pain and anger mode mute.

I run off, i break things,
i yell at you’ll im even sick.

But i really just want to,
find a way to keep,
you’ll from ruining our lives,

where our home is made of,
peace,and love ,
and only fight dies,
please stop this,
bloody Compromise!

16 june 2012