They stand ahead, look at me,
somewhere inside my soul screams,
I dont look at them, while they look at me.

Their words like spear set ahead,
near it reaches to kill my soul,
i take a few steps back in fright,
as usual there comes a hand,
to hold me tight….

And that whisper says ‘be strong’,
and then i step ahead,
caught the spear,
raced against time,
embraced my death near….

But isnt the new tale nowadays…….

Everything has changed its face,
the whisper still echoes ‘be’strong’,
but i nod my head in distrust,
i move ahead yell ‘whats wrong’,

cause that hand is what has slipped,
into reality there it no more exists,
i know i have to be strong,
but fight back ALONE,

i know that hand has always wiped my tears,
smiled at me,
erased my fears,
but that hand isnt mine no more,
i have fight back to the core…..

23 june 2012: Word count: 158

Last edited by zygerina on July 4, 2012 at 10:27 am


10 thoughts on “Alone…..

  1. very nicely written with a lot of feeling Z!

  2. That Would Have Been An Awesome Rap… 😀

  3. Dakshi says:

    Bravo F i g h t e r!!!

  4. wow you really know how to express yourself!!! great job 🙂

  5. Dakshi says:

    why can’t i comment on your poetry? There is no place to comment.. 😦

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