Best Last Touch…love Im Dyin….

So far best written acc. To me,

Im dying never thought so early,but it is,
i see my mom , never she felt this right,
i see my dad, never he felt so caring,
i realized i always had fight….

But most of all my love im dying…
She looks at me the only person ,
who knows i wont be breathing tommorrow,
the worlds getting upside down,yes its scary,
my head on her door, i know she might be crying,
she opens the door the way i expect,
looks at me near my death,

i ask for a last moment, a last night,
A Last Touch with her,
how could she say no,
her boyfriend’s gotto go….

We enclosed ourselves as tight as we could,
as we did the moment trapped as in,
layer by layer our memories now slowly wrapping us in,
as we think about the bad times , the good times,
all feel so great now,

i wished for the days we never talked,
should have done so,
never thought life was so small,
so early i’ve gotta go,

we cry and cry cant help each other,
our tears now have no faith for life,
i want to live she wants to die,
we loved each other all night,cryin,

the Last Touch was bitter face of death,
but the sweetest love we shealth…..

Sun shoved over my head,
i open my eyes to see my girlfriend,
crying over lifeless corpse……

How could God be so mean?

Im takin over the heavens,
above the stars, the seas,
i have a halo bove my head,
but i thought i’d always been mean,

i headed to the Gods court,
drenched in pain,
see my girlfriend , she’s crying bad,
i cant reach her its so sad,

I have no words, no tears there,
to express my pain,
the only thng i do there is,
Cry my girlfriend’s name,

an angel takes me above as he looks at me,
he says’ you’re world, you’re heaven,
is in your girlfreind’s being…
He said ‘ that the Heaven there,
couldnt afford me LOVE….

He sends me back to my girlfriend saying,

19 march 2012.



12 thoughts on “Best Last Touch…love Im Dyin….

  1. Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso says:

    Very touching poem, clenches at your heart!

  2. Ooooooo….Life after death….cool…..if only love could be that strong in reality too…..

  3. Nanda says:

    nice work, very touching!

  4. Sheikh. Amna Rafiq says:

    I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  5. Dakshi says:

    what’s up?
    writer’s block 😦

  6. Beautifully written, straight from the heart! I really like reading the words that flow from within your heart Z!

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