Do you still…..

Do u still laugh in that funny way,
do u still get messed when u tryna say,
do u still sleep with your hands folded,
do u still fool around with kids.

Do u still like to be honest,
do u still to be the best,
do u still get confused with east and west.
Do u still leave ur room in a mess.

Do u still get angry on ur mom,
do u still fight with ur dad on phone,
do u still play with ur lil’ brother,
does he still tries to be like u.

Do u still flip ur hair at side,
do u still sleep with open lights,
do u still love non veg food.
Do u still have swinging moods.

Do u still keep off sweets to match,
your diet plan,
do u still try match that funny dance.

Do u still wait for soccer matches to unfold,
do u still screcch ur prayer for that medal gold,
do u still smile with that heavenly face,
do u still have that mysticism in ur gaze…..

Do still wear old levi’s with polo tshirts,
do u still have craze for
sprinters and supra sneakers.

Do u still get up at 4am to study hard,
do u still keep wishing ppl with belated cards,
do u still eat mint candies after veggies,
do u still stqb fork in ur food to keep aside peas.

Do u still say ‘shut up’ when u’re excited!
Do u still look at the mirror empty minded…
Do u still are as u were???
Cause life changed to mere

Baby do u still remember me!??
Cause i really love you dear!

(hey sorry it being too long actually the thought didnt ended the pen ink did….anyways this poem is stupid but i still posted n idk Why? )