A New Love Story!

It wasnt like Rose and jack,
we explored far more facts,
wasnt that passionate,
he always showed up late.

It wasnt like Romeo and Juliet;
in eachother’s family picture we’d perfectly fit,
he wouldnt drink poison for me,
that would be way too dramatic,please!

It wasnt like sonny and cher,
our story had some other flair.

It wasnt like bonny and clyde,
we were way too mad.

It wasnt like any other love story,
ours had an inane glory!

We werent trying to be the another above,
we were the new u and me,
our story had no dreams.no drama,
little romance lost for words,

no quarrel, no war, no voilent fights,
just our looks on each other had fire ignite!

We had fun, sweet and fresh young love!
With a bitter ending still lost for word……

Started a relationship lost in ‘word world’,
broken with a silent ending..really hurts…….

Though it wasnt a happy ending,
love was love anyways,
i look across and the river gazes
Zig and Av…..
Once there laid……

A new story with a new name!