Justice For Rape Case!

Out of a sudden in the layers of dark,
a henious monster appeares,
with cracked up veins on his red eyes filled with lust,
my fright slays me paralyzed,
as every ounce of me tries,
as his hands burst the pain all over my face,
as his lustful eyes peirce evry part of my soul,
as i every part of me falls down torn,
in disgrace i leave myself to death…

But something burns inside ,
a screech of justice ,
a fire of revenge,
a girl who wants everything back!

I will live,
i have to live,
i want to live echoes survived,

so i set on this surreal race,
that has no phase no paths,
till my last breathe ill fight
myself to Justice to my Rape Case!

I feel all hurts the bruises,
n all the crucial moments of her strive,
as i too set with u on your race,
i scream “Get up and lets win the Race Justice for every Rape!
Lets Win this race!

This poem is dedicated to the grl who is fightng herself from death in delhi hospital who was gangraped i want ppl support n the goverment to rape cases lyk dat which seriously happen very often these days india lets fight back for justice !


Broken Memories

How fast does this time flies
from year to year like a kite!
And then all the broken things fade out;
and everything turns new,
but still amonst this new stuff,
u find those few,
few memories made of gold,
how hard u try to avoid it,
the more ut chases u,
no chants or hexes keep it away,
like it has the power of eternity u cant slay,
so just try to run,
hide away from it;
still one day when u stare at ur destiny:
you’ll find there !!!
Waiting for u your broken memories stand.
So i embrace it now,
cause how hard i try….
They are gonna be a part of my life,
more than me they have strived,
cold, broken and freeze ,
stand together with me,
Me and My Broken Memories!