Broken Memories

How fast does this time flies
from year to year like a kite!
And then all the broken things fade out;
and everything turns new,
but still amonst this new stuff,
u find those few,
few memories made of gold,
how hard u try to avoid it,
the more ut chases u,
no chants or hexes keep it away,
like it has the power of eternity u cant slay,
so just try to run,
hide away from it;
still one day when u stare at ur destiny:
you’ll find there !!!
Waiting for u your broken memories stand.
So i embrace it now,
cause how hard i try….
They are gonna be a part of my life,
more than me they have strived,
cold, broken and freeze ,
stand together with me,
Me and My Broken Memories!


2 thoughts on “Broken Memories

  1. Seb says:

    Perfect to the word

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