Im proven wrong everyday,
my esteem is crushed by thier say,
im being reminded from time to time ,
your not beautiful stay behind,
im being said im heartless,
my words are nothing but mess.

Regrets, regrets is all i have ,
they say im the kinda who backstabs,
im the pity seeker,
the wannabe attention.

A girl who’s arrogance n rudeness
are prefrences,
then my ego is crushed n called too super,
im being cut into half n called a seeker,
im being broken everyday, and called too strong.

As my feelings go dry im called cold instead,
when im harsh,rude,cold and arrogant.
When im mean,ugly,devil as meant,
then everyday the sun goes down,
so does ME ,
a helpless lonely girl in me!

With a frosty night comes a cold me,
i ask do i deserve this to stand on my feet!

12 september 2012
Raw Feelings!

Again on my Feet!


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