Your eyes could kill me!

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download (2)Long time ago your grace caught up in,
My embracement hold!
Let me tell you the day had the conspiracy ,
Behind every tell.

Your walk with those earthly sound left me deaf,
When you turned around your hands were with,
Empty grace folded up in despair!

With your Eyes like fangs invaded my veins,
My blood turned cold with that gnaw.
That didn’t deter you to rear my soul from wreck.

Your breathe lethal discreet in me,
Your smile like sweetest poison crawl inside my throat,
Your look like hex perished my world.
As I turned into ashes , rode on the wind.

Your indomitable eyes rejoice in victory over my soul!

But inert me applauded in vile,
As elgy elude your betray,
A arcane anew me stood on the wind,
Who walks on the sea,
Who writes with a bling.

All the above might be a bijou word…

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One more year of my life just passed by,
as once again my mistakes and regrets come alive,
as i threw myself so hard on the ground,
now i am broken ,so bound.

Even though i don’t want to, i will still stand up,
treat you with a big smile, fighting throat lumps,
I’m turning 18, and guess what i wish,
i had everything ,
death is only what i miss.

Imperfection and evil is all what I’ve done,
it wasn’t pressure evil made succumb ,
love to all the people who had bear me afar,
sorry to the people for whom I’ve left a scar,
i wish for everyone a bright beam ,
as i only wish for my death when turn 18.

wrote this on my 18th birthday few months back!