One more year of my life just passed by,
as once again my mistakes and regrets come alive,
as i threw myself so hard on the ground,
now i am broken ,so bound.

Even though i don’t want to, i will still stand up,
treat you with a big smile, fighting throat lumps,
I’m turning 18, and guess what i wish,
i had everything ,
death is only what i miss.

Imperfection and evil is all what I’ve done,
it wasn’t pressure evil made succumb ,
love to all the people who had bear me afar,
sorry to the people for whom I’ve left a scar,
i wish for everyone a bright beam ,
as i only wish for my death when turn 18.

wrote this on my 18th birthday few months back!


10 thoughts on “A WISH FOR MY 18th BIRTHDAY!

  1. So why not push self aside and turn to one who will change your life and make your spirit prosper in a much better and fruitful way. You are loved my sister…you were not made to pass away but to touch others with your genuine heart! Many have made similar mistakes in life and upon reflection elected to ask God for the better way, the path less traveled. It will not hurt to try, think about what do you have to lose if you felt like you already hit bottom, the only way now is up and live with a new passion in your heart for one who will never leave your side! Z, When I was 24 and on a road to self destruction, I tired of my life going in circles and I embraced Him with my prayers and He embraced me with His forgiving love! He will truly give your heart a song to sing each day! You are valuable to me dear sister and I will not ever give up on you, so do not give up on yourself! The poem was a while ago but the beginning of a new life, a new way! Open your heart to him and be blessed by a real love that will lift your spirit! God bless you always Z!

  2. zygerina says:

    thank u so much, wendell u don’t know how much your words heal me, nowadays i have cuddled myself to the right path i am trying to love the way everything is, helping myself with everything , thanks for the support and the kind words , this surely helped! thank you again !

  3. globalunison says:

    These words reflect pain and agony but all I will say is this life is a blessing, you’d fell hard on the ground only because Almighty knows you’d get up even stronger than before! Have a good life Z and stay blessed!
    With warm wishes,

  4. zygerina says:

    thank you naima, i know it just makes u stronger and in fact it has made me stronger but just makes me think sometimes stronger makes you cold, that is what i don’t really expect out of my life, thanks for the warm words anyways im good now !

  5. Ayesha Gill says:

    Dear Zygerina,

    I adore your writing. Thank you for reading mine, especially Burnt Heart. I’m sorry if my writing broke your heart, as yours did mine. Your melancholy reminds me so much of my own. You are not alone. I’m here to lend an ear.

    -Ayesha 😉

  6. Though I’m older now, I remember vividly having similar feelings to the ones you’ve expressed so well here at a similar age. We’re all imperfect, but at least you express yourself through some touching poetry!

  7. codedjeannie says:

    Very nice! Thanks for liking my posts. Keep on writing nice stuffs.. Take care!


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