How will you be , sweet like honey,

or bitter symphony,

will you hold my hand,

to lead me ahead,

or leave it later…

and leave marks……


will you place your hands on my face,

to leave a blaze,

or kiss my forehead u may…

will you pretend to care,

or love me for real.


will you scratch my wounds,

or heal…

will your truth comfort me to..

the highest heights,

or will your lies will makes us fight.


never hold me to let me fall apart,

never emerge love in me ….


to just BREAK MY HEART!!!!!



Days will pass by,

scratching the mysteries,

unveiling the hidden , now history,

i sit wanting desperately,

pause some time with myself,

asking myself to be opaque,

still being hollow,

then hated, now loved,

memories sweet but old,

wounds get wrapped in folds,

proudly shines the memories of gold!!