Under my bedsheet ,
crawls sadness,
horrrifies my skin,
and seeps in,
dilates my pupil, force shuts my eye,

and then i know ‘this is it’.

Dark room and a lonely girl,
weeps in scary screams,
bangs her head so forcefully,
around the four walls,
of the room,
her screams creates a pit in my soul,
as her terryfying eyes look sore,
she screams ‘Why me’?,
she screams ‘Why this’?,
makes you wonder what happened to her…..

she is helpless,
she is in force of dark,
she is crying, she is trying,
but nothing to her helps….
the pain drags her in the dark…
and now nowhere she is to be seen
just a cold and numb,
ambience is left in the scene…..

i open my eyes to the scars of the heat,
just rushed to my mind, open eyed,
how much i want what happened to her,
to be dream,
but lonely girl is real,



2 thoughts on “UNDER MY BEDSHEET…………

  1. Nicely written poem Z, I have missed you my sister! Always like to read your words, how long ago was this written, are you still sad? I may have to write something to you to make you smile!

    • zygerina says:

      thank you wendell your comments are so heart warming ..it is so nice to know that someone cares about you…, it was written on 17 jan recently, and yes i seem to be lke this some days, i wud be privileged and so happy to be behind one of you writings ….and your comments always make me smile….!

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