Beauty issues……!

The pointer never Leans back 

as my tear falls on the weigher,

twisting my hair I stand

upright in front of the mirror

i see a fight …..

fight of a nineteen year old,

miss little designers hope,

its so ahead she needs to be ,

sad, but she hates what she is now,

someone she doesn’t wanna be,

the acne marks the breakouts,

the few kgs that she cannot dropout…

for inches she wish she was taller,

takes her sleeps away by night,

the insecurity the self threat,

takes her away from the rest.


i am ugly ,

but what is ugly,

as pretty enough seems away by miles….

as it tears her heart thinking,

am I like this for reat of my life?,


But she stands tall , fake few smiles,

but she cannot fool the mirror,

it screams aloud,

who do u fool ?

i know it slammed u down,

Beauty Issues………… 


i felt like I was the only one who felt this way, but today i met someone similar to me I don’t understand shes so pretty to me but I know u just can’t make them believe so when youre in this state you feel like every negative compliment was true and everybody who is saying Ure  pretty is just being nice or lying…… But I really wanna help… I hate this beauty issues , to me now I have gone too far with them that I don’t even care I’m numb to my feelings about this beauty thing….. But I really wanna say like you are pretty i know u don’t feel like I’m talkin about you but yeah it’s you and everybody is pretty omg I just wanna help I know how it feels and if anybody needs me in case I’m gonna be there , I’m too soppy,…… 😦


2 thoughts on “Beauty issues……!

  1. batmamask says:

    What is beauty but the kindness in ones heart, compassion and empathy.
    Beauty is all about accepting who you are and as you are.
    No one is going to remember a beautiful mean person but rather someone with a soft soul.
    Don’t fall prey to the societal concept of beauty.
    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Guess what? You’re beautiful to me.
    PS: I don’t mean to get all mushy on you.

    • zygerina says:

      haha i know and believe me now it doesn’t even matter to me, i can wear a sack and go to oscars and still be too confident. P.S. this is not lady gaga answering.

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