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Lost in ways of distrust,

 as the illusion of self thrusts,

never ending sighs,

 add to dark clouds,

 as the hate of self appears ,

nothing takes you out of the blue,

 as you just add in smiles,

endlessly look fool,

as everything you gather,

 in a gasp of compliment you,

confronting with all might,

 to lose to a battle of ,



One thought on “BEAUTY ISSUES…………..

  1. Keep moving forward, do not be dismayed, your moment is coming soon, with many bountiful days, just keep on smiling always, never let your attention drift away, and you will soon know, the blessings of which hard work will bring your way. Z, hugs, love , and blessings to you always my sister. Keep your head up all will be alright!

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