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You wont understand,

the relief that dark sharp blade gives,

which greedily my skin lusts for,

with that silent bite ,

it releases me out of this,

‘frightening curse’,

and with  that drop of blood ,

falls down those unsaid words.


you wont understand ,

how goood iit feels,

when it pushes down my veins,

and the pain treats my aches…..


you wont understand,

how much relief resides in me,

when i hear the sound of my,

blood tripping down,

yes i cut,

yes it relieves my pain,

takes me to another world,

escapes me out of this cage,

with a smile on my face,

though teary eyes,

i faint on the ground,

yes the scars wont mend,

this state was never planned,

but now it doesnt matter ,

i have gone too far,

and you wont understand….

you wont understand…………………





7 thoughts on “YOU WONT UNDERSTAND ……..

  1. mairacharmed says:

    Greatness in sadness

  2. Duch says:

    Yes, I understand. Many of us do. :: hugs ::

  3. batmamask says:

    Should I be worried? :’O

  4. pomolio says:

    Strong feelings, it was like a flashback. Please be strong and careful.

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