i dont know………………..

since 9 years

i sat upset,

thinking about things,

that never met,

illusions and reality,

sick formalities,

spent nights in corners,

telling myself stories,

that made me feel well,

detaching myself from everyone,

who knew,

there was something wrong,

and kept asking myself,

why am i like this,

i asked myself,

no answers,

no answers, 

gave me a relief………





The Devil.

when-the-devil-comesI am nothing more than a dark mess,
tangled in the dirty stories,
weaved from the Satan himself,
i rapture esteems with a touch,
I set fire to souls with a stare ,
don’t you talk hush,
i might just break you,
if you dare,
i reside in hollow spaces,
secrets in my dark folds,
i might shatter you,
with a word,
my power are a curse,
with agony i fly,
with pride i do fall,
devils don’t need assistance they stand back themselves,
provide hurt might return them back some,
but i wont let it show,
I’ve got this tittle from the so called ‘angels’,
wont let it go,
how harder i break,
i wont fall low,
bringing grace to my tittle
cause devils don’t cry


FINALLY MY FINALS OVER leaving me with mixed feelings and empty but still heavy emotions in my heart…. i loved the whole year… met so many amazing personalities… learnt so many amazing things.. met a whole new me  that’s   like really amazing meeting yourself all over again) i made friends for life…. its just so overwhelming….. im in love with this course literally, i learnt that believing in my self is much more important than making people believe in me, cause if i believe in myself that only can people believe in me im still working in this part of me, hard-work beats talent hands down seriously…. accepting people for who they ARE and not for what they do and how they look…..cause everybody is a box of amazing little packages hidden to come out…. i just found amazing amazing things i loved it…. i am going to cherish these memories for life.. this is by far the best golden memories of my life! im gonna miss it but life is a twisted reality so gotta move on and write amazing stories and keep adding pages of golden memories to it….. LOVE FASHION , LOVE KIM,JUVI,ANAM,HEENA HUMA,,SHARLITA,UZMA,LIKE EVERY SINGLE CLASSMATE OF MINE …THEY ARE AMAZING PEOPLE WITH LOADS OF TALENT..LOVE YOU GUYS LOVE YOU!!!!!