The Devil.

when-the-devil-comesI am nothing more than a dark mess,
tangled in the dirty stories,
weaved from the Satan himself,
i rapture esteems with a touch,
I set fire to souls with a stare ,
don’t you talk hush,
i might just break you,
if you dare,
i reside in hollow spaces,
secrets in my dark folds,
i might shatter you,
with a word,
my power are a curse,
with agony i fly,
with pride i do fall,
devils don’t need assistance they stand back themselves,
provide hurt might return them back some,
but i wont let it show,
I’ve got this tittle from the so called ‘angels’,
wont let it go,
how harder i break,
i wont fall low,
bringing grace to my tittle
cause devils don’t cry


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