the sweet wind,

giggles around my hair,

i know, now its all fair,

as my smile slips through my lips,

over and over,

just know i am happy again………..


how ?

how  do i make you believe i care,

i’m going far so that it’d be spared,

the unsaid words,

and the meaningless chats,

im going so don’t be sad,

don’t be hurt,

don’t be scared,

im going away,

to protect you from this fire,

who burns itself along with the one who admires,

i am leaving for the good just know,

parting does too keep my soul though bare,

baby, how do i make you believe i care!!!




what kind of world do we live in?,

who judges us ,

for who we LOVE,

i fail to understand,

that how it interests you,

the matter is delusional.



what kind of world do we live in?
where we are judged ,
by the dust on our flesh,
by the way we are born,
chatters of novice minds.

what kind of world do we live in?,
where a lion(man)is judged for his mane(beard),
pulled aside for humiliation,
a narrow mind to blame?,

what kind of world do we we live in?,
for merely being ourselves,
being who we are…
i fail to understand,
i fail to understand……….

Being Who We Are… A Revolution!

who i am!

i always lived in the dark,

never wanted to get out,

why do you think dark is evil?,

its beautiful inside out.


this sudden vibe of being different,

but still being who i am,

i wouldn’t ask for more,

its all i wanna have…


my selfish desires and greedy fists,

now seem so alright,

its nothing its okay ,

it is who i am.


i may not be like other girls my age,

i’m eccentric, wild,

filled with ecstatic rage,

its nothing,

its okay,

it is who i am.


i don’t find ‘things’ dirty,

dirt’s is in one’s eye,

art is what i hold in life,

my chaos keep me alive.


so don’t freak,

keep calm,

its nothing,

its okay,

it is who i am.



i don’t know who i am anymore,

lost in personalities, in fright,

reluctant in opening eyes,

i don’t know who i am.


DISORDER they label you,

but do you really have an insight,

when the monster is in you,

it is you,

no matter who wins,

you always lose your life….


i am tired,

i cant escape my own mind,

running miles and still being on the same line,


I breathlessly knock for myself door to door,

still cant find myself,

i don’t know who i am anymore