can i ?

can i stay?,

stay over a night,

see you all night,

and realize you exist in my life.


can i cry?

cry and breakdown,

for i don’t know how long i  can keep on,


can i fall down? ,

fall down in your arms,

where my heaven awaits me,

where i find my restless peace…


can i be with you ?,

can i be with you forever,

the only wish i keep so far,

when i stay up all night,

alone counting my scars…………….


7 thoughts on “can i ?

  1. oh girl! this really touched my heart. I understand those feelings quite well.

  2. pomolio says:

    When I was reading in my head play soft piano music, warm wind touch the skin and that feeling your poem feeling – sweet sadness.

  3. pomolio says:

    Reblogged this on Pomolio and commented:
    It is a very nice poem.

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