Pray for Peace. (palestine and gaza peace) (on going war)


It bring me to tears,

It shatters my soul,

As Humanity break its head ,

And lays in pool of blood,I

I beg to stop,

Fear the The Almighty,

In the holy month of Ramadan,

Destruction will swallow us,

Abadoned will be our sole state,

Pray for palestine for gaza,

Peace for wherever needed indeed,

Mercy the little who fast,

Till when will even you last,

For all of us has to face our lords,

Please save a soul ,stop the war……


Please pray for peace  in palestine gaza andother places in war it deeply hurts me … Genuine prayers please.





Now where do i start,,

My knight in the dark,

When every morning  the ,

Sun opens its arc,

Silver grey eyes leaves their spark,

Laying under his shadow,

Beneath the softness of his skin,

Under the serenity of his smile,

His beauty keeps me keen,

His voice sets my heart racing,

Defying myself to blush,

a unsuccessful attempt,

Turns my cheek crimson,

Such a waste approach,

The way he smiles,

The sound of his laughter,

He just leaves me so amazed,

Falling over for this pleasured sin,

I cant help it,

Cause It’s Him,


Nothing i Regret….

Tell me that you never loved me,
Throughout i see just lies,
Whenever i write about love,
You just crawl up my head,
I break myself open,
Never have i lost you in myself,
I killed myself with your love,
Nothing i regret,
Through and through my pages,
Your lies falls down sweet,
As i feed on them on a binge,
So tell me you never loved me,
I’d care less,
Cause I’ve fallen for you,
Nothing i regret……

Normal Heart…..

Hug you to never let you go,

you wanna leave but you’re so cold,

Defying gravity we move ahead,

Is our love so strong to last,

With tears streaming,

Yet open eyes ,

Babe never are easy these goodbyes,

But to be with you i have to let u go,

Its hard but we have to take it slow,

These Outlaws of love have grown,

so let it ruin if it would,

Anyways now our love has start,

A blessing or curse dont care,

Love You To Death,

With my Normal Heart……