My veiws on homosexuality.

I am an average muslim girl who’s brought up in religious veiws and morals. I have been brought up in islamic veiws on every perspective of life, however as i grew up unlike my parents i took education and mordern thinking as of my life still staying bonded with my religion, so in my early teens i was a homophobic just like my fam and peers.

But as i grew reading articles, and experience about people suffering everything changed.

So now here i amsuffocated that i just need to let it out

I am tired, disappointed angry and very sad about how its been going through years.
I am here to place my opinion and im sorry if its wrong or right but i Just need to have a say,i have been ridiculous since last night ,
Me and my cousins watched the normal heart last night, the opinions made me so angred on what have we been seeing somebody’s problems their struggles as.
I was angry but it was emotional it makes me wanna cry, our religion is beautiful we as people are depriving the whole gay community of our religion of the serenity and hope of religion, we are Responsible for their hate towards religion, we have put them in that place where they cant seek help. We are responsible for a consensual murder of one’s spirituality and faith in Allah or God!

Who in this world would actually love someone if they hear constantly that a person hates them, Nobody would, then on everyday basis we are telling the gay community god hates u, ??? Where is love is gonna happen then! I know, and i have learnt that allah loves everybody,Allah doesnt discriminate does not narrows down on the path, he is forgiving and kind, if Allah himself says that he loves all , who are we i ask to judge and pull down people out of the line and deprieve them faith hope and religion. Its so sad to see how they feel we are accused for letting an entire generation slip out of faith in Allah and humanity. Be sensible i beg, love everybody, stop judging and forcing them live the life they dont want to live.

Here i am only asking people to not force and hate them for they are beacuse we are the same, if u say , it is loving the wrong person then even heterosexuals fall in love with wrong person at times. We so proudly post “Dont Judge People Cause They Sin Differently Than You” and go on with our narrow veiw of hatred and self pride.

Stop hating under the name of Religion is all i mean. Cause my religion promotes love and only love. No hatred do watever u want to do with live care and concern towards towards others and do not forget that we are not to judge.

And to all the gay men and women i may not know what you’ve been through but on behalf of anybody who may have hurt you under the name of religion i am sorry. Please restore your faith in Allah because i know its the only place that gives you hope and is an friendly company of the lonely… Cause I’ve been lonely and sad and only thing that comforted me was Allah and i feel it helped me it can help you. Cause its always nice to have a place to reach, where somebody loves you unconditionally despite ur flaws ….. So just remember Allah loves you a lot if u have sinned its okay we all do just repent just give yourself a chance to be loved by him, dont force yourself just do it if your heart says so he loves u he really does.


8 thoughts on “My veiws on homosexuality.

  1. johncoyote says:

    A very hard topic. The human emotion is hard to control. I believe here on Earth. We don’t have the right to tell someone what religion to believe in or love. If wrong. They must face their god and I believe a good life living without hate and leading with kindness and love. Any god or belief will accept you.

  2. redgladiola says:

    I’m glad your thoughts changed. How can you really love a religion that condemns people for loving? Very ironic.

    • zygerina says:

      I still love my religion, that never did or is endorsing hate, its just some people who under the name of religion promote hate…. My religion promotes love to all!!!

  3. The Christian God advocates love….but, as you say, it is hard to love the sinner and still hate the sin. Too many of us get those two mixed up! 🙂

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