In your love…..

In your love,
Soaring above the highest highs,
And sipping fears,
Never new the chatters would leave us here…..

The fairy tales so bluntly spoke,
Hatred emerges no hope,
In your love,
The sweetest poison,
Build walls in my throat,
My Words die inside,
Thus never spoke…..

Should i be the princess,
And wait for another prince,
The damsel in distress,
Be the story ,its years since……

But i choose to be the Queen instead,
In your love,
Ill feed upon your hate,
To be a the Queen who never loved a shade,
Cause in your love i ruin my being,
In your love,
I’d be a feast,
In your love ,
I’d be everything……
Cause it happens only once……



So im always behind,
Hiding in the hoard,
Surrounded by many,
Feeling Alone….

I’m the one with the loudest smile,
Yet the most insecure heart,
Who seems just shy,
Beneath my watery eyes…..

My scared steps,
Won’t tell you im limping,
My anxiety,
Won’t tell you im sinking…

But im falling apart,
Yet standing strong,
A little girl,
With so much insecurities in heart….

what reminds me of you….

What reminds me of you,
Is not that You stayed,
Its the memories of when u left,
Memories i hate…..

not that shirt ,
But your smells that lingers on it,
Not your smile,
But your laughter that chases….

Not your eyes,
But your sight that always,
Comfort my haste……

What reminds me of you is not you,
But your soul that i fell for …….
I love you…..

You Deserve…..

Get rid of the pseudo smiles,
Thats comes with suffocating hugs,
And the lie I’m fine,
It doesn’t matter anyways.

Let lift ourselves above others,
And for a moment be ourselves,
Smile for what matters,
And be the glass that doesn’t shatters,
Reflects light but only true,
Beauty admist the dew,

If so be shelfish,
But pay truth yourself,
You deserve it,
You’ve earn it,
They need to bear this call…..