you still reside……

I wonder where you are now?

How are you?

What you might be doing?

Cause i seem to be silly,

But i only know I’ve  fallen for you,

So i write this little  letters,

Describing  your smile,

The way your hair rests on your forehead,

And how your thoughts make me shy,

These little  letters  decribes how i feel,

They  are your memories  i choose ,

I choose to fool myself  for you,

They tell stories  of our love,

Never ending lies……

I smile to the thought of you,

Tangles in these emotions,

Painful  happiness  or sad  joy,

I never seem to  understand,

These little  letters,

That i treasure  still hate,

These little letters makes me  die little,

But live more outside,

The are only reason that in my heart,

Baby you still reside……




5 thoughts on “you still reside……

  1. hgczarapata says:

    This was really well done! It makes me think about my current situation! Have any input? Who is in the wrong?

  2. globalunison says:

    Amazing Zygerina ❤


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