Wasted Love.

I wanna be wasted,
Wasted in your arms,
reading drunk hours,
With our sore eyes.
Buried in your scent,
I believe in your tall stories,
Gasped by your psych,
I slice my agony.
We sing along the road,
Pitches hitting high,
And your limping dirty jokes,
Still makes me shy.
I look at you,
What are we doing with our lives,
I don’t care,
I wanna be wasted,
Loving you in our wasted high…..


8 thoughts on “Wasted Love.

  1. I have always loved the way you express yourself in words! Very vivid, very emotional! Hugs Z!

    • zygerina says:

      Aww i really appreciate you even reading my poems, it means a lot!

      • I have always loved the heart which creates such beautiful poems dear sister! You are always dear to me, and never forgotten. Sometimes my illness does not allow me to stay on the computer long and visit all whom I found important in my life. But know you are as I so admire your selfless heart and generous soul…you are always beautiful Z in so many ways. May God continue to bless your heart with inner peace and spiritual love!

      • zygerina says:

        Your words always move me Sir, I’ve always been grateful to have such a soul to listen my words and leave such heartfelt emotions that make me smile. God bless you too Sir and keep you in good health! Forever thankful to have your messages!

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