Draw curtains of mere suspicion,
Like you’ve always done.
Acquaint me with strange names,
Then link me with some.

Darken these rooms with false charges,
And empty your hate on me.
Strike me with your closed fist,
This amongst hurts me the least.

Your loud allegations,
Rush out the door,
Cling eyes on me
Mere Doubt I bear of Loyalty
And look what I’ve have become to me?


6 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. jbcowgill says:

    I do not doubt that you gave a great gift with words.

  2. Your poem makes me want to cause you to smile…

    You are so wonderfully complete
    genuinely real and uniquely one
    of a kind

    You are like a beautiful flower
    who newly blooms making
    ones heart to smile inside

    Be strong always and know each
    day, there will soon come a very
    beautiful time

    When one will enter into your life
    Seeking to embrace your love
    for a very endless time

    Never hurting you a single day
    Always wanting to give your
    spirit and heart reasons to smile

    With a single aim to show you
    how it is to be sincerely love
    each moment showing you are
    …so very worth while.

    Hugs dear sister!!!

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