And for once I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be her ;with the placid brave heart and presuming stability or be on her and battle her streaks of hair to reach her gazed up eyes. To be able to know how her mind fluctuates with healing essences of varied thoughts and how she holds her silver words in her pursed lips. I would love to know how she is when she’s alone and how she would be when she sleeps, and I wonder if she tells me all or is there still a cave in her heart untrodden. I want to visit that, I want to visit her …..everyday.



Wickedly he smiled at all shores,
My mind slipped from another cord.
His cigars with fog of horrors
And his posture of a king’s clan.
Where his shadow casted
Was proclaimed his kingdom.
And his mane wavered with a chaotic roar.
Though such mighty was this Man of Steel,
Such Aura had his Glare,
His words were empty of truth
And his soul lacked a character.
It’s all in the core they say,
I’ve been of bad fortune then
Only have been treated cold
Valour though his appearance shades
Shallow is his Soul.

12 August 2016
©zygerina’s blog

Rust on my paintings.

Rust on my paintings
Vaguely cries
A fair so sadly
Debts me overpriced
Oblivious to insolent
No gasps of surprise
As the time falls over
Rust on  paintings
Vaguely cries.


©zygerina's blog

This is my recent painting ‘Delirium’.
[If you want to buy the original or a print contact me]

©Zygerina’s Blog
Please do not use the picture without permission.

Nostalgic sounds….

Are we alone,

With nostalgic  sounds taking over our beings,

Being reminded we are barren souls,

With hollow bones and flesh sinned,

With steps like whisper,

And voices howling,

We deny the  most desired feels,

Are we alone in this world,

With nostalgic sounds taking over

Our beings…….





So im always behind,
Hiding in the hoard,
Surrounded by many,
Feeling Alone….

I’m the one with the loudest smile,
Yet the most insecure heart,
Who seems just shy,
Beneath my watery eyes…..

My scared steps,
Won’t tell you im limping,
My anxiety,
Won’t tell you im sinking…

But im falling apart,
Yet standing strong,
A little girl,
With so much insecurities in heart….

what reminds me of you….

What reminds me of you,
Is not that You stayed,
Its the memories of when u left,
Memories i hate…..

not that shirt ,
But your smells that lingers on it,
Not your smile,
But your laughter that chases….

Not your eyes,
But your sight that always,
Comfort my haste……

What reminds me of you is not you,
But your soul that i fell for …….
I love you…..