Wickedly he smiled at all shores,
My mind slipped from another cord.
His cigars with fog of horrors
And his posture of a king’s clan.
Where his shadow casted
Was proclaimed his kingdom.
And his mane wavered with a chaotic roar.
Though such mighty was this Man of Steel,
Such Aura had his Glare,
His words were empty of truth
And his soul lacked a character.
It’s all in the core they say,
I’ve been of bad fortune then
Only have been treated cold
Valour though his appearance shades
Shallow is his Soul.

12 August 2016
©zygerina’s blog


Thirst for Tears

I sit in these vacant corners,

Trying to figure out,

My mouth dries,

As i pressurize,

the only thing i do,

Is realize..

There is something  so mad,

About Crying

Those salty tears that falls off,

With the tears falls all the pride,

All the ego and all the fight,

Distant i stand watching,

Me lose,

All my ego cringes, turns blue….

I  torture my head to cry now,

A single tear falls out hard,

My restlessness slams me down again,

And all  the monsters in me,

induce the pain…..

Breaking down and falling apart,

Never knew this could  be somebody’s dream,

As over the death now lone my soul leans,

as my thirst and greed ,

For Tears increase……..

you still reside……

I wonder where you are now?

How are you?

What you might be doing?

Cause i seem to be silly,

But i only know I’ve  fallen for you,

So i write this little  letters,

Describing  your smile,

The way your hair rests on your forehead,

And how your thoughts make me shy,

These little  letters  decribes how i feel,

They  are your memories  i choose ,

I choose to fool myself  for you,

They tell stories  of our love,

Never ending lies……

I smile to the thought of you,

Tangles in these emotions,

Painful  happiness  or sad  joy,

I never seem to  understand,

These little  letters,

That i treasure  still hate,

These little letters makes me  die little,

But live more outside,

The are only reason that in my heart,

Baby you still reside……



Nostalgic sounds….

Are we alone,

With nostalgic  sounds taking over our beings,

Being reminded we are barren souls,

With hollow bones and flesh sinned,

With steps like whisper,

And voices howling,

We deny the  most desired feels,

Are we alone in this world,

With nostalgic sounds taking over

Our beings…….




In your love…..

In your love,
Soaring above the highest highs,
And sipping fears,
Never new the chatters would leave us here…..

The fairy tales so bluntly spoke,
Hatred emerges no hope,
In your love,
The sweetest poison,
Build walls in my throat,
My Words die inside,
Thus never spoke…..

Should i be the princess,
And wait for another prince,
The damsel in distress,
Be the story ,its years since……

But i choose to be the Queen instead,
In your love,
Ill feed upon your hate,
To be a the Queen who never loved a shade,
Cause in your love i ruin my being,
In your love,
I’d be a feast,
In your love ,
I’d be everything……
Cause it happens only once……

what reminds me of you….

What reminds me of you,
Is not that You stayed,
Its the memories of when u left,
Memories i hate…..

not that shirt ,
But your smells that lingers on it,
Not your smile,
But your laughter that chases….

Not your eyes,
But your sight that always,
Comfort my haste……

What reminds me of you is not you,
But your soul that i fell for …….
I love you…..